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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cool Yule- A Christmas/Raffi/global warming edition of Madgespace

Why hello there! Wonderful to be chatting with you on this snowy December evening! How have you been? What's that? Yes, I'm excited for Christmas too. In fact, I was just thinking about the Raffi Christmas song "Snow is a fallin' on Douglas Mountain". If you've never heard it, do yourself a favor and download it NOW.

Now I'm not one to be preachy, but since I do have the rare privilege of reaching the masses through this blog, I feel it's my responsibility to remind everyone that EVEN THOUGH IT'S COLD OUTSIDE, the sweaty tentacles of Global Warming continue to engulf our planet. Give future generations the gift everyone's asking for this Christmas- a sustainable environment.

Ok, to be honest I just had to incorporate Global Warming in this somehow because I couldn't find Raffi's "Snow is a fallin' on Douglas Mountain" on YouTube, but I did find his song "Cool It!" about climate change. Enjoy!

P.S. That "This is why I'm Hot" picture is actually a t-shirt from bustedtees.com - I really wish I was someone who didn't find "funny shirts" funny. I've tried so hard to think they're lame and fake vintage and too trendy and only for Rods, but the truth is- I LOVE 'EM! Go to the website and try to tell me you don't chuckle at least once. My favorite shirt is the "Jesse and the Rippers" one or "Beards- they grow on you." Ha! I know some people who would like that last one for xmas. I know two bearded people. First one to guess who they are gets $.74 in the first ever contest held on Madgespace.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Deck the Halls

Less than a month until CHRISTMAS!!! After watching a FABULOUS apple cup on Saturday (Cougs won!) Isabel and I crafted some xmas decorations for the house. Our best item was the manger scene- I did Joseph and the horse, Isabel did the rest.

Egads, I have a paper due tomorrow and it's really bringing my mood down. Meh, who cares? I'll whip it out- it's not like it has to be good.

I haven't much to report, unfortunately. It's supposed to snow tonight, which will be exciting but also annoying when I have to ride my bike to work in the morning.

What's on TV tonight? The Hills? Please GOD, tell me something better is on.

This video is from a couple weeks ago- taken outside the South Hill Rosaurs.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

Boy Howdy, Turkey Day preparations are in full swing. Yesterday I went to Scotty's and we each made a pie. He made a BEAUTIFUL blackberry pie and I made an experimental apple/strawberry pie. It was fun to be in Sumner again, Emma has gained some weight recenty and is the butt of all jokes, Scooter's recovering from another emergency root canal (boo hoo) and his parents are getting reading to have the entire extended Grant clan over for T-Day for a sit-down (a first for them) meal. They actually have blueprints of the table arrangements.

As for the Padden gathering, we're all set to arrive at Gold Creek around 10 am. My dad has to set up the music equipment, and the turkeys need to go in the oven. I made my (or Ultimate Bagel's, I should say) pumpkin cream cheese last night which I will serve with whole wheat cinnamon raison bagels for an appetiser. Yum!

G-ma Martha and G-pa Padden (fresh off his ride on splash mountain- he's 88!!) are on their way over here right now. My mom turned the heat up to 70 because she doesn't want them to get cold. I couldn't be happier.

The second episode of Project Runway is on tonight!! Anna's coming over for brand practice (the Thanksgiving band my dad put together) so she'll probably stay to watch it with us. Can't wait.

I thought this video was amazing. Isabel always talks about how she loves carnivorous plants and now I can see why.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Make it Work

My oh my, what a workhorse I've been this week.

Today I turned in my story on GU crime statistics, I have a Mass Media Law test at 12:45 and I have a five page paper on the Buddha due tomorrow (which, of course, I haven't started).

Thankfully, the premiere of Project Runway last night provided the perfect break from my studies. The designers got to use top-notch, expensive fabrics to create a design that showed off their style. So far, my favorite is Chris March- the costume designer.

Some boring girl who's dress was cute but blah and poorly made got kicked off. Something I've noticed about Project Runway is they err on the side of creativity and are waaay more likely to kick you off for being "boring" and "safe."

I've run out of food and I'm starving. I guess I could have a tortilla with almond butter on it.

Can't wait for this week to be OVER.


P.S. for your entertainment....

Soulja Girrrrrrrlllll

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Let the Countdown Begin!!!

So many great things to look forward too...here's the breakdown:

Project Runway Premier: 2 days
Thanksgiving Break: 7 days
Christmas Break: 32 days
Scotty's B-day: 35 days
Arrive in Edinburgh:46 days
Arrive in Dublin: 57 days
Arrive in Cyprus: 74 days
The Kay/Fitz Wedding: 256 days

Last weekend with Anna and Alex was grand...like I suspected, the talking parrot was a big hit. It's been kind of stormy and cold here in Spoke, so we mainly lounged around the house and hit up Starbucks. Saturday morning we ran to the garbage-eating goat- it was working!! Alex fed it some leaves and old receipts and candy wrappers from my purse. We went to The Elk for dinner. While we waited for our food we discussed what would be the best thing to take a bath in. Different answers were: melted marshmallows (Barbie), jelly-bath (Anna), Buttermilk (Clare), Chocolate Pudding (me)....I forget what Alex said. Then we all agreed that lava would be the worst thing to bathe in.

The heat is on in our house and I'm not gonna lie- it feels good. A gal could get used to this warmth.

I made black beans and brown rice PCC-style for dinner tonight. Hit the spot.

I feel bad for Clare, she's sick and coughing up blood. She showed me the bloody mucus-covered kleenex as I grabbed an egg patty out of the freezer for an eggcelent I was making. It was gross, but I probably wouldn't have believed her had she not shown it to me. Now she's got my sympathy vote. It's weird timing because I just read "The Immoralist" which is about a guy with TB and I also just read "Mountains Beyond Mountains" which is about curing TB.

As Scooter would say..."Peace Out Trout"...


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"It's too late to poligiiiize, it's too laaaaaaaate..."

I love that Timbaland/One Republic song "Apologize." I've been listening to it non-stop for the past couple days. It soothes me during this tough time (My cough, Dr.Oz ALWAYS being on Oprah, my fat stomach, my elderly Padden fingers and hangnails).

A-neigh is coming to visit this weekend!! Her and Alex (see Dean Cain/Alyson Hannigan look-alike below) are driving over Friday. I can't wait to give them the full Spokane experience. Here's a pictorial tour of how I hope our day will go:

The first [exhibition] basketball game is TONIGHT!! I said that like I'm really excited, but really I have a lot of homework and after posting that Bangkok Thai picture nothing sounds better than lounging around the house eating panang curry. Oh well, it will be a blast.

One week until the new Project Runway. Let the countdown begin.

Loves ya!!!!


Friday, November 2, 2007

Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop!

This week went by fast. Maybe it was all the blogging I did. On Wednesday (AKA HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!) we dressed up and drank Boones as planned.
Barbie was a complete imbecile and forgot to get a costume, so we had to improvise at the last minute. The result- a "snowman" that looked like a parakeet.

Speaking of birds, Isabel has this toy parrot that repeats whatever you say into it. Our plans to watch a movie were immediately thrown out the window when we realized how entertaining the parrot is. We sang songs, and it repeated them. We said funny things, and it repeated them. We meowed, and it meowed back.

Unfortunately, the parrot did make it through the night unharmed. Today, sitting on our hearth, his top beak dangles like a loose tooth, his bottom beak is completely detached. Here's the breakdown of events that led up to it's life-changing injury. First, someone asks Clare where the party we're going to is. She answers, "It's on Augusta" (a street in Spokane), I, from my spot on the swivel chair, begin chanting "Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop" and grab Isabel to sit her on my lap. She goes complete dead body and leans all her weight on me. The chair tips over and lands, you guessed it, on our dear Polly (that's the parrot's name).

Who's to blame??

TGIF y'all,

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