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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

100,000 Views — Let's Party!

Madgespace has eclipsed 100,000 views! (over the course of seven years)

Any excuse to celebrate! (and talk about myself)

Woo hoo! (pretend this photo was taken this evening)

Press play on this bad boy, then read on:

How it all began

In October 2007, about a month after my 21st birthday, Madgespace was born. 

Let's take a look back at my very first blog post, shall we?  It was titled 'Jesus Died for Myspace in Heaven' (based on a t-shirt we spotted in a Spokane mall) and mainly focused on a video of Jesus freaks ('God botherers' if you're British) singing their own special version of 'Baby Got Back'. 

The video doesn't load anymore. But luckily, I remembered it! Found it here. Still hilarious. Still don't like jesus freaks. I stand by everything I said. 

I also talk about dressing up as a turtle for Halloween, an idea that I actually followed through on a few days later:

My Audience

Believe it or not, sometimes people outside my immediate family find their way to Madgespace. I attribute this mainly to the fact that I stole images off the Internet (with no attribution, of course) for the first five years of writing this thing. Google Images is like my own personal marketing agency. 

Anyhoo, by far the most popular search term that brings people here is:

...drumroll please...


Madgespace Quiz

How well do you know this blog? How well do you know me? Take this quiz to find out!

Did I have a parasite or were my symptoms psychosomatic? 

A) Yes! Sabertooth worms everywhere!
B) Definitely psychosomatic
C) We'll never know

In my opinion, what/who does Jillian, the Season 5 Bachelorette, look like? 

A) A Camel
B) Bob Saget
C) Mr. Peanut

Which of these unlikable pop stars am I a fan of? 

A) Ke$ha
B) Miley Cyrus
C) Lady Gaga

What did I win from a Special K cereal box? 

A) Year's supply of cereal
B) Handbag
C) Red dress

Answers: B, A, B, C


By far my favourite Madgespace moment was when I posted a snippet of an email my mom sent me. In it, she explained that she'd come into contact (I forget how/why - probably work related) with a person named 'Feline Grunder'. 

Obviously, this got air time on Madgespace because I love an unusual name! In elementary school my friends and I were obsessed with Miep Gies (the woman who discovered Ann Frank's diary). And I remember my friend Dana's Dad telling us that he'd met a man named Ferd Shneringerd. 

Anyway, Feline must have had a Google Alert set for her (his?) name and she (he?) COMMENTED ON THE POST. I think I panicked, deleted the comment and removed the paragraph from the post. Still, I've never felt so famous and controversial. 

Yikes, it's already 9:55pm. Gotta go. Thanks for reading, and here's to another 100,000!


P.S. Hello, Feline (if you're reading this)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

One small step for man, one giant leap for closet space

On this day, 45 years ago, Lance Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. There hasn't been a comparable achievement since. Yeah, we've tried—the Internet, smartphones, segways—but nothing can match the moon landing.

What about 3D printing, you say? God damn it. STOP KIDDING YOURSELF.

Man walking on the moon was the coolest thing that's ever happened.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

On July 20th 1969, 600 million people gathered around their TVs and watched a guy bounce across THE MOON. That giant wheel of space cheese! That ancient rock that controls the ocean tides and makes Professor Lupin go berzerk every month. A man flew 250,000 miles up into the sky, parked on moon and got out. It simply doesn't get cooler than that. 

My own personal moon landing

To honour the 45th anniversary of such a historic event, I decided to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Bottom sheets, with their ridiculous elastic edges, have been a point of contention in my life for as long as I've been doing laundry. The stupid cloth amoebas just ball up in the closet, getting wrinkled and taking up too much space.  

Yesterday, I couldn't take it any longer. It was time to act! 

I found a YouTube video that explained each step of the folding process. I had to watch it a few times and really force myself to pay attention because it was so boring. After a few goes, I'd done it. A perfectly folded fitted sheet.

The result! (I also used this as an opportunity to practice 'smizing')

Believe me, if I can do it, so can you. 

Now what?

When astronauts return to Earth, they often find it hard to adjust to daily life. How can you really take anything seriously after witnessing first-hand just how insignificant we are in the universe?

Now that I've mastered the art of folding a fitted sheet, I face a similar struggle. How should I spend the rest of my weekend?

I've signed up for a yoga class, so I'll go to that in a few hours. I'll check in on the golf to see if Rory McIlroy is still winning. At some point, I'll probably eat some peanut butter.

Over and out, 
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