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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I seriously do nothing all day

I love this song:

This part of My Life on the D-list where Kathy goes to her assistant Tiffany's hometown of Tracy, California was one of the funniest scenes of the show I've ever seen (about 2 mintues in...until 4:36):

I was thinking today about how I like my food pipeing (or is it piping?) hot or extremely chilled, or frozen. That made me wonder- Is there anything I like luke warm???

I can't think of anything, can you??????????????????????



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Euro Life

Germany plays Turkey tonight in the European soccer semi-finals. As mad as I am at Turkey for invading and occupying 37% of Cyprus, I would like to see them win tonight (I can't help but root for the underdog). I want Russia to win the whole tournament though. Spain could win and I wouldn't mind.

On to a more serious subject- I am addicted to gum (gross). Gum is pretty much disgusting...you chomp on a rubbery minty wad, smacking and popping it until all the flavor has been drained out. Ususally there isn't a garbage can around so you find something to stick it in (an old receipt, napkin, orange peel...) and throw it in the bottom of your purse where it will stay for at least a month. My problem, though, is not simply that I chew gum (a bad habit as is), but that I chew an entire pack in one sitting. One pack of Orbit lasts me an hour...at the most. SICK. Help me!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Daytime TV

GOD, I forgot how good the Riki Lake show was! In today's episode they took couples had each person go on a date with a sexy single- ya know, to test if their relationship was strong enough to withstand temptation. Quality television.

Anyyyyyhoo, yesterday was Bobby's birthday- 26 years old!! I made chicken enchiladas and Bobby's fam came over to celebrate. For dessert we made a strawberry rhubarb crisp. DELICIOUS.

Francie and I have our hip-hop dance class tonight. It's our 4th class, so we SHOULD be at Beyonce level by now. Unfortunately, every time we learn a dance we forget it the next day. Guess we won't be performing a routine at the wedding like I had envisioned. Oh- and speaking of dancing, I never saw "Step Up 2" and I am just sick about it. Renting it tonight.

Oooh, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is on! Melissa Joan Hart has a lazy eye.

Celebs w/ weird/lazy eyes ("wonk eyes" as Michael K of dlisted would say):
1. Shannon Dougherty
2. Melissa Joan Hart
3. Paris Hilton
4. Keri Russell
5. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez

I youtubed the first episode of season 4 of Weeds and watched it this morning. So good!

Ok, BYE.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another blog???!?! I'mmmmmmmm BACK!

I love the TLC show "Little People, Big World" and was so happy to see that it is on during the day in Ireland. Woo hoo! I was watchin it yesterday while I surfed the net (I'm bringin back that phrase) and I stumbled upon this Roloff Farm (They, the Roloffs, live on a farm in Oregon) sweatshirt. It's $25 and I really want it. Should I get it??? It would be about 1/4 of my current funds.

I mentioned Francie's hen night in my last post, but here is a pic of the star hen herself, courtesy of Debbie's bebo. Lookin good Frank!

Francie had 2 free passes to her gym (which is actually a health spa, golf course and gym all in one) so Bobby and I went with her after work (them, not me) yesterday. It was one of the best workouts of my life! The machines all have their own tv on them, so we watched the Aussie soap "Home and Away" while we sweated it out on the elipticals. After that we relaxed in the hot tub (can't write that word without hearing Will Farrell in that SNL skit saying it), the steam room (until someone farted and we had to get the H out), and took showers with the fabulous body wash they provide. I felt like a queen.

I have been a big fan of Michael Buckley's "What the Buck" show on Youtube for a while now. He may seem a wee bit annoying at first, but watch a couple of episodes and you will be laughing hysterically.
Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day,

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Any Craic?

I come to you, my faithful readership, with my head bowed, my tail between my legs, begging for your forgiveness of my inconsistant blog updating.

The only excuse I can come up with is lazyness, because it definitely isn't for lack of time and oppertunity. In fact, all I do is sit on the internet day after day, repeatedly clicking "refresh" on the Dlisted window while I drink tea and watch the hours tick by until Francie and Bobby come home from work. Also, I seem to have misplaced my camera cord (and by "misplaced" I mean forgot it in Cyprus because I left packing until the extreme last minute in my refusal to accept that it was all over and I had to leave) and I am ashamed to post a pictureless blog.

Though I was sad to leave Cyprus, Ireland has been grand and I couldn't be more pleased to be in the company of soon-to-be-wed lovebirds B-bop and F-dogg. I was also able to make it over to Edinburgh for a weekend with Char. Last weekend was Francie's "Hen" night (they're a big deal over here...like a bachelorette party, everyone has one when they get married). Char came over for the occasion and we went out to dinner & dancing afterword. Francie had a tiara that said "bride" and wore a bright pink feather boa. So cheesy and hilarious.

Wow, the lack of pictures in this post is making me want to treat this entry like a diary...really pour my heart out. It could also be my current lack of social interaction with humans (I do talk to their dog Booter a lot) but I really want to just spill my feelings into this text box for the world to see!!!! Hmmm, maybe I will share them High Fidelity-style through a top 5 list:

Top 5 things I'm currently thinking about:

1. Whatever song is running through my head (right now it's "Simply the best")
2. Dinner (maybe soup and crackers...it's kind of blustery outside)
3. Boys- some more than others, whether or not to call Scooter and attempt communication for the millionth time (don't worry he doesn't read this and never will), how they are the inferior gender in most aspects, whether there really exists a guy who will peel an orange for you...
4. Post-graduation plans...working, traveling...
5. The Fitz/Kay wedding- what's left to do for it, how much fun it's going to be, bridesmaid hair/shoes

Well, that list makes me look a little shallow and self-obsessed, but I swear if there was a number 6 it would be the Iowa Flooding, Global Climate Change, The Lisbon Treaty or Gay marriage in California. I do find time to read nytimes.com and idependent.ie in between checking facebook and dlisted.

I will work on getting pictures up soon (probably an empty promise),


P.S. My "condition" in the previous post has been cured!! Who knows what did the trick, but thanks to all who wrote advice and knock on wood that I never go through such a struggle again!!
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