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Monday, January 14, 2008


For our last weekend in Edinburgh, Char, William, Barbie and I went up to Inverness in the Scottish highlands to hunt for Nessie (the Loch Ness monster). We stayed in a cute B&B- Barbie and I had the princess room.

Inverness itself was soooo cute! Lots of cute B&Bs, shops and restaurants that run along the River Ness. And, of course, it has it's own castle that looks over the city.

The Loch is very deep, dark, choppy, and surprisingly large all together. We took a boat cruise around it which led us to the ancient Urquhart castle.

Let the hunt begin...

The castle- it is very old.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Your average day in Edinburgh...

Like I told you before, the shopping carts are TINY! They are the size of shopping baskets- but tall and on wheels.

Char, Barbie and I climbed the "Ridge" next to Arthur's Seat in the thick fog. What a view.

One night we went to the Snooker Hall for a round of Snooker!! It's similar to pool, but it's on a HUGE table and the balls are different colors and have to be shot in different orders. The crowd was mainly old Scottish men who'd been snookering for years. William beat us all by a lot.

While Char was off at work, Barbie and I toured the Edinburgh Castle, climbed the Sir Walter Scott Monument, and then met Char to see the breast cancer tissues she's been working on for 3 years. Splendid!

your numb-toed friend,


Hogmanay, Morton's Neuroma.

New Years in Edinburgh was AMAZING. The pictures are the best proof of that...

Barbie spent 12 pounds on the claw machine- THAT'S 24 bucks!!!!!!! She didn't even get one stuffed animal. She really has a claw machinge gambling problem.

Fireworks shooting from the castle...

If you're wondering why Francie's tongue is so yellow and sickly, it's because we discoverd the deliciousness of french fries (or CHIPS as they call them here) with dijon mustard. We kept goin back for more!

By the end of the night, the new heels (which are amazing by the way) were KILLING my feet. I had never been in so much pain before (except for the glowstick in the eye incident). Francie and Barbie's feet were aching also, but we couldn't get a cab in that crowd for the life of us!! Thankfully, Bobby spotted a man with a bike-buggy and he biked us home. There wasn't enough room for Bobby, so he ran along side.

It all seems like a cute story... but it's much more than that. The next day I realized I still couldn't feel my toes! Another day passed- still numb. A week later- STILL NUMB! Well, I googled my symptoms (which almost always works except for one time it convinced me I had West Nile), and I have "Morton's neuroma". It's nerve damage!! My toes could stay numb for up to 2 months!!!! Just think though- if it hadn't been for that bike carriage, I may have had to amputate.

Pray for Britney,

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