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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Hello lovely people! It's been a while. What have I been up to? So nice of you to ask!


after Christmas I went down to visit Andy in his hometown called Hampton-in-Arden. That is not a joke. Hampton-in-Arden. Being the jazzy character I am, the nickname "H-in-A" naturally emerged from my fat, American, mouth. Shakespeare used to live nearby. The Shakespeare.

Anyway, it was quite the experience. A perfect blend of relaxation and doing stuff. Sitting around with his fam watching cricket and drinking tea all morning but roaming around a nearby CASTLE and meeting up with his friends too.

Me jumping at the Kenilworth Castle:
The road-trip back to E-burgh was also enjoyable. We drove through the Lake District and stayed up there with our friend Jonny for the night before heading back home the next morning. Jonny had his skis in the car and I skied down an icy hill! Thrilling! There were sheep watching me!

Jonny and Andy walking up an icy road:


"Burrrrrrr" they kept saying. Was it because they were cold, or because they are sheep? I'll never know.
Enough about me. Man, I have some funny stories that would be perfect for Madgespace, but they all involve people who read this blog! How am I suppose to dish out all the juicy gossip without offending people? What a treacherous tightrope of politeness I must walk in this blogging business.

Instead, I will divulge my own secrets. So, I guess rather than 'enough about me' I really meant 'more about me'.

To begin, I went commando all last week due to lack of clean gunders. Secondly, if I am walking with my iPod and cool-looking people walk by, I switch from whatever horrible/wonderful song is playing (Miley Cyrus: Party in the USA) to something more acceptable JUST IN CASE they can somehow hear it too. Thirdly, I think Celebrity Big Brother is absolutely wonderful. Fouthly and finally, I have never seen: Top Gun or ET and have faked knowledge of the movies my whole life.



P.S. How can we be expected to accomplish anything when LOST starts in 7 days?!?! Can I get a 'what what'!?

P.P.S. I am going to think of some delightful, witty, intelligent, quirky, interesting things to say for my next post. I promise!
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