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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 Kelly Clarkson Songs Sound the Same | P.S. I'm back.

OK, poopnuggets - I'm back.

This has probably been my longest blogging absence ever. Truth is, I have to blog for work (I mean, I 'get to') and therefore it is the last thing I want to do when I come home.

Also, I really love TV. I love it so much. It takes priority and probably always will.

Oh, before I get too ahead of myself, was 'poopnugget' a childhood insult everywhere or just at Arrowhead Elementary? IknowIknowIknow, people in the UK don't say 'poop' (honestly, don't get me started), but for those of you still living in God's country, was 'poopnugget' ever in your vernacular? What about poopchunk or buttmunch? Let me know.

Seriously, please get back to me on that.

Anyway, thought I'd devote this post to the original American Idol, everybody's favourite (oh yeah, I do UK English spelling now btw) high-heel-hatin' Texan, Miss Kelly Clarkson.

Image by: sebastianmichelke via Wikimedia Commons

Last Saturday Andy had just settled down for a long springtime nap when I decided to make a playlist for that evening's bbq in the Meadows.

Knowing that Kelly had to make it on the playlist, but only having room for one of her songs, I decided to sample a few tracks to determine which one was most bbq-in-the-Meadows appropriate.

To my astonishment, THREE of Kelly Clarkson's song sound nearly identical (at least for the first few bars). They are: Since You've Been Gone, My Life Would Suck Without You and We Belong Together. 

So taken aback by this discovery, I shook Andy awake and shouted: "You have to listen to the beginning of these three Kelly Clarkson songs!!!"

Turns out, his opinion of wake-up-worthy news differs from mine.

But later that evening (when I told him again about the three songs and played them for him), he told me he did not find the information surprising. Not quite the reaction I was going for, but to each their own.

In other news, I have toothpaste on a side-nose-crease zit and I am craving something sweet so bad that I am actually contemplating eating an Irish cream flavoured Lindt chocolate ball even though I HATE alcoholic tasting sweets (Tiramisu, brandy cream, etc. YUCK YUCK YUCK).

I might just have a yoghurt (YAH-gurt, if you're English) instead.

Catch ya on the flip side!
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