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Monday, April 5, 2010

Simply the stressed

I need a stress relief ball to squeeze. They're always there when you don't need them (waiting in line at Bartell Drugstore) and they're never there when ya do (right now).

This urge to clinch a sand filled balloon comes from an epiphany I had in the shower yesterday. I am STRESSED OUT. To make matters worse, I am not just temporarily stressed out- it is part of my personality! Hells bells.

I know this revelation probably comes as no surprise to many of you, but to me it was shocking. I've always pitched myself as a laid back person. Ha!

Silver lining: this explains a lot.

Why I have irritable bowel syndrome. Why I have restless leg syndrome. Why I webmd things. Why I never successfully open cereal boxes (impatience coupled with stress). Why I want to cry right before I sign into my school email. Why I eat popcorn really fast. Why I speed walk to every destination. Why the sight of elderly people fills me with guilt. Why I bite my nails. Why I chew gum a pack at a time. Why I sigh so much. Why I don't sleep.

So on and so forth.

It all comes down to priorities- what REALLY matters? Not a lot. It doesn't take much to be happy. I have everything I need.



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