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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celery is not boring.

Celery is under appreciated. I have a hunch people find it boring. As we get older the task of smearing peanut butter into its canal seems tedious and not to mention impractical (peanut butter + sandwich bags = mess). When I was in 4th grade I was told not to feed it to the classroom guinea pig because the long green strings would tangle around its organs and kill it. Maybe that's true, or maybe it's that same anti-celery propaganda I've been smothered with my entire life. Well, ENOUGH. NO MORE. I am ready to profess my adoration for celery right here on the most prestigious of media formats, the personal blog.
Andy was chomping his ginormous mouth on a celery stalk the other day at his aunt's house. She had displayed the celery in a vase full of cold water in the middle of the buffet table. Wanting something to munch on, and eager to avoid calories (as always), I joined him.

It was FANTASTIC! Celery is a strange one- it truly doesn't have much flavor, but it has just enough to make you take another bite. When I eat celery it's like stepping out the front door for the first time in a day. It's breezy.

Celery can really push a dish into interestingness. I'm talkin' chili, chicken (aka fake chicken) salad, soup, thanksgiving stuffing, FOIL DINNERS...

In other news, I just returned from England. During my week there I:

  1. Ran a 9 mile race
  2. Went to London and saw the sights
  3. Got attacked by mating foxes while attempting to sleep outside in a homemade fort
  4. Stepped on the entire insides (GUTS! ORGANS AND INTESTINES EWWWW) of a squirrel or rabbit with my bare foot

The moral of all that seems to be that life is, like that one movie with Kirsten Dunst that looked terrible, "Crazy Beautiful".



P.S. I am aware that interestingness is not a word. I used it because I am a POET. I don't play by your rules.

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