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Monday, January 14, 2008


For our last weekend in Edinburgh, Char, William, Barbie and I went up to Inverness in the Scottish highlands to hunt for Nessie (the Loch Ness monster). We stayed in a cute B&B- Barbie and I had the princess room.

Inverness itself was soooo cute! Lots of cute B&Bs, shops and restaurants that run along the River Ness. And, of course, it has it's own castle that looks over the city.

The Loch is very deep, dark, choppy, and surprisingly large all together. We took a boat cruise around it which led us to the ancient Urquhart castle.

Let the hunt begin...

The castle- it is very old.



Nancy said...

Goin on a nessie hunt
goin on a nessie hunt

But I'm not afraid...
I've got a gun (hope not) and Barbie at my side

So glad you found her.

Char said...

comment of the year award goes to..................mom!

msk33 said...

that was a great comment.

hope you are having fun in ireland!

MAHOLLA! said...

congrats on your find! is nessie a water brontosaurus?

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